Rug Artisan is built on a rich heritage of traditional craftsmanship, but we have never been a company constrained by convention.

Our beautiful handmade rugs reflect the skills of our highly talented Artisans, but also the flair of forward-thinking designers and the application of innovative software that allows you to customise every design to your own unique requirements.

The result is a fusion of quality, creativity and contemporary style that suits your home or workplace far better than any ‘off the shelf’ alternative ever could.


The Art of our Rug Artisans

Woven into each of our handmade rugs is the care and attention to detail that turns each one into a custom work of art.

Working alongside a team of highly respected designers, our Rug Artisans draw on the traditional craftsmanship of generations of rug makers. It’s their expertise that creates alchemy: the transformation of raw wool and silk into luxurious made-to-measure rugs.


Customised or bespoke – the choice is yours

From the size and shape to the colours and textures, however you want your rug to be, we can weave it for you.

Select a rug from our Collections and you can make it your own with our innovative and easy-to-use customisation software. Alternatively, talk to us about a completely bespoke design that’s entirely personal to you. Let your vision become ours.

But if you’re not sure where to start, or creativity sits outside your comfort zone, our friendly and highly experienced designers will be happy to guide you. Just let us know you need some help.


Customer service that delivers

We offer the kind of service we’d expect to receive ourselves – and then add a little more for good measure.

Buying from us is a seamless process. We’ve made sure orders are easy to place and if you have any queries, we provide immediate assistance through our online chat. You can even see images of your rug in production if you ask for them.

Delivery is free wherever you are in the world and your purchase will arrive in a secure carrying case, making it easy to store or transport at a later date. Request our ‘white glove service’ and we’ll also help you install it, ensuring that you’re completely happy with the end result before we go.



We don’t believe in making you wait

We strive to provide you the best quality in the shortest amount of time in the industry. And if you require a color sample, you’ll receive it the next day.


Initiate, develop and express

Our designs are an assortment of vintage, contemporary and a mix of both. Our team of designers experiment tirelessly with viable new design concepts and development plans which are also available for our clients who wish to create their own custom designs.


Start exploring…

Discover the many inspiring possibilities of our Rug Artisan Collection or take a look at our step-by-step guide to creating a bespoke rug for the ultimate personalisation experience.