We here at Rug Artisan are committed to ensure the planet and its health is at the forefront of our concerns.

As part of the Rug Artisan Initiative, we have dedicated ourselves to creating a sustainable brand for our customers, employees and communities.

Our target is to reduce our carbon footprint by increasing the use of clean energy consistently over the years to achieve carbon neutrality, and achieve net zero climate impact.

On-Site Technologies

Cyclone Converters: All our factories are equipped with the state-of-the-art cyclone converters which filter out all the burned particles, reducing the fumes, not allowing them to enter the atmosphere.

Zero-Discharge Dyes: We are extremely proud of our revolutionary process of ensuring not a single ounce of any hazardous material is left after the entire rug-making process. The discharge from the dyes is turned into sludge which renders it non-hazardous and is then broken down further by being baked into bricks. These are then used in the reconstruction of the factories, ensuring not a single ounce of waste material leaves the facility.

Fuel: The fuel we currently use is recycled agro-waste material which comes in the form of briquettes. These produce decreased fumes which are further filtered out by the cyclone generator attached to all our facilities.

Key Materials

The shift in focus towards a greener and sustainable rug industry has been at the forefront of Rug Artisan’s vision for the future.

Predominantly using natural, sustainable materials such as wool, silk and cotton, these materials are biodegradable, recyclable, flame resistant and renewable.

Maintaining a sustainable approach makes us do our utmost to keep valuable materials in circulation, cut down on waste and harmful substances, sustain water usage, reduce emissions and ensure social fairness in the entire industry.

Sustainable Materials

New Zealand Wool: All our wool is sourced partnering with Wools of New Zealand to produce low environmental impact as well as increased efficiency to animal welfare and caring for the land.

Bamboo Silk: This is a healthy and natural alternative to pure silk, grows rapidly, needs very little water, making for the perfect sustainable material in our rugs.

Recycled Yarn: This material is made up from recycled plastic for our outdoor rugs, where all the remaining plastic is recycled into yarns and then woven to create sustainable, durable rugs for our Outdoor collection.

Latex: Derived from plants in a process which produces no toxic chemicals or fumes, natural latex is biodegradable and sustainable. The latex material can be recycled and has a very fast degradation rate which creates a stable backing for our rugs.

Dye: We use 100% vegetable dyes in all our rugs as these contain no harmful chemicals or components which are found in synthetic dyes, which creates a great environmental friendly alternative.

Packaging : The cardboard rolls which are used to wrap our rugs around are sourced from a local recycling plant. We have also introduced custom cloth sleeves to envelop the rugs in to reduce the use of plastic in the packaging process.

Innovative Perspective

We are constantly exploring new ideas and developing projects that will reduce our carbon footprint and enhance our use of renewable and clean energy. We always aim to be first and to lead by example in this industry.


Rug Artisan is a proud partner of GoodWeave, ensuring our rugs are made by adult artisans, not children. GoodWeave is ending child labor and offering educational opportunities to children in carpet weaving communities around the world. GoodWeave fulfills its mission by creating market demand for certified child-labor-free rugs, monitoring supply chains, rescuing and educating child laborers, and providing critical services for weaving families.

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