A custom rug helps provide a satisfying finish to any room. A room without a rug would seem austere and threadbare. However when it comes to choosing a rug you have to keep a number of factors in mind. A made to measure rug is the ideal solution rather than buying a standard size rug. A large room may require a large custom rug in subtle colours providing a silent backdrop for your room setting, or it may require small custom area rugs in tandem with the room’s furniture, thus helping differentiate separate areas in the same room. A few pointers as we go along.

Be Size Wise


A large custom rug framing the bed as well as the side tables would look great and provide a soft underlay to a large part of your bedroom if not the whole.

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Another alternative would be to have a rectangle rug framing only part of the bed up till the bed side tables, but leaving sufficient space to walk around on all sides of the bed.

Size & Fitting Guide

A third option is to just have two small area rugs on each side of the bed, so that you have a plush custom rug to sink your feet into as soon as you get off your bed.

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Living Room

Living rooms require large area rugs. Apart from providing a luxurious and soothing backdrop to the room, the rug should also be able to accommodate all the furniture in the room in a comfortable fashion.

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If you would rather have a smaller rug then ensure that all your furniture sits in comfortably without making the rug and subsequently the room look too crowded. All side tables should be on the made to measure rug rather than sticking out.

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Dining Room

As in living rooms, dining rooms too benefit with large sized custom rugs. The made to measure rug should be large enough to frame the dining table and leave enough room on all sides to accommodate for the chairs being pulled out. If there is not enough space and the chairs when pulled out are half on the rug and half on the floor, they might get wobbly and highly uncomfortable.

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Stairways and hallways

Runners are what you need for your hallways. Based on the size of your hallway you can order a custom hallway runner that would fit right in. Ensure that the runner runs along the entire length of the hallway.

Size & Fitting Guide

For runners on stairways it is ideal to call in a specialist to measure your stairway for the ideal size as well as for installation. Generally stairway runners like wall to wall carpets are made longer than the required size to accommodate the fitting.