Artisan Select Black and White Geometric Rugs for 2021

Any rug you choose has to be the perfect fit for your home or workspace, and has to fall immaculately in place. A major factor in deciding on the dream rug you want is the color, and what better colors to choose than the two ends of the color spectrum. Timeless, minimalist and versatile, black and white will match and bring life to any backdrop they are set in. This is why we have put together a list of the more popular designs from our Monochrome collection. To see the full collection, click here.

Alpas Grey

Love shapes? Look no further than Alpas Grey. This creative design is sure to bring life to your living room, creating the perfect setting for you to unwind at the end of the day.


Berber White

Our Berber White design takes its inspiration from the Berber tribes, who have resided in the North African region for centuries. Famous for their rug designs, they have perfected their craft and created many designs which make this ideal for any area in the home.


Grey Bubbles

The Halfmoon shape is ideal for the fireplace and with this design, it creates the perfect opposite for the fire, an antithesis if you wish.


Black Rose

Roses have always been a symbol of warmth and visual pleasure, and with this Black Rose design, it adds a unique twist to the aesthetics.


White Billiard

The Hexagon shape is an excellent choice for White Billiard. Symmetrical, balanced and consistent, this design is a favourite for our customers.


Classique Grey

Classique is exactly what it says it is. A classic. A lovely abstract piece, this design is timeless and unwavering, and gives your room a classic feel.


Grey Nucleus

Ever feel like you can see the bright circles of light around a light source at night or in a dimly lit room? Grey Nucleus has trapped this look and with a Circle shape, this design creates the ultimate still movement.


Smokey Embers

Remember that time when you were sitting round the campfire and the flame died down to red hot embers, and you were huddled around it to gain some of that warmth? This design brings that warmth you were craving to your home, and if you're feeling bold enough, the Splash shape makes it just a little bit warmer.


Smokey Hive

Our Smokey Hive design is perfect for a Runner and lovely way to enhance the decor in the narrow spaces of your home.


Grey Calculus

Grey Calculus deserves recognition for its eye-catching design. The intricate geometric pattern gives off a sharp and snappy look, ensuring it has all the attention in the room.


White Verve

Sitting in the backseat in the car, racing down the highway and looking out the window, everything becomes a blur. White Verve captures that same energy and translates it on to the rug.


White Sphere

What better way to express this design than on a round rug? There is a certain gentleness to White Sphere that takes it past the rest, and its minimalist approach is the key to this. Less is definitely more.



How beautiful does the forest look on a mid- December morning, with the branches and greenery adorned with the perfect amount of crisp frost, and the grass crunching under each step. Close your eyes and picture it. This is the image Frosting captures.


Aztec Greys

Aztec Grey is based on the ancient Aztec Empire, who would write using patterns with celestial meanings. These patterns represent sounds or words, and would be written on anything available, walls, carpets and even artifacts. This created a striking beauty to the Empire and it is this beauty which our designers have attempted to recreate.


All these designs can be viewed in our Monochrome collection here. But also note, every single design we have in all our Collections can be changed to black and white using our color customisation tool.