Custom Rug Shapes

The shape of your custom area rug is of utmost importance. The shape depends on the room in which the rug will go so make sure you put a lot of thought into the shape of your custom rugs. An odd shaped custom area rug can make the whole room look wrong, like a square peg in a round hole. 

Round rugs are a general favourite as far as shapes go. They sit well in nurseries, play rooms and kids rooms as well as with round coffee tables. Custom round rugs add a friendly cosy look to your rooms.

Rectangle rugs are the most common shape and the most commercially viable. They work well in partitioning a large room into different sections or for large sitting rooms encompassing all the furniture. They are also common in dining rooms, office, bedrooms and so on. Rectangle custom rugs fit well in all kinds of rooms.

Square rugs work well in small sitting areas or in receptions areas of offices or hotels. A small square rug would be perfect for that small box room. They also pair well with square shaped furniture like coffee tables.

Oval rugs form for the perfect background for a dining room with an oval dining table, a conference room with a large oval table or reception areas.

Apart from these common shapes we at Rug Artisan can create any custom shaped rugs as required. We can do all kinds of odd shaped custom rugs ranging from a diamond shape to a random amoeba shape. If you have a custom rug shape in mind there is a good chance we can make it for you.