Evergreen Handmade Custom Rugs

They say a thing of beauty is a joy forever. We couldn’t agree more, where our handmade rugs are concerned. They are a joy to behold and last forever. Every handmade rug is custom made and hence a unique piece with no other like it. Our custom handmade rugs are made using a number of different techniques and skills. 

Hand tufted custom rugs are the most popular and commonly used when it comes to custom rugs. A series of procedures are followed in order to create a custom handmade rug from scratch. For hand tufting a small handheld machine is used to insert the tufts into a cloth which has the design printed on it. Once the custom rug is complete it is bound together with a backing cloth to keep the tufts secure and then washed, cleaned and finished to perfection.

Flatweave rugs also known as dhurries are made on a frame elaborately setup with running lenghs of warps and the wefts are deftly interwoven among them. These rugs are lightweight and reversible.

Hand Knotted custom rugs are time consuming and made with much effort as every knot in the rug is handmade and consequently the end result is exquisite. The details and intricacy of a hand knotted custom rug is unmatched.

Thought he procedures may be different for each, every handmade rug is special and requires individual attention and care to reach the high standards of quality that is our motto.