How to Combine Custom Area Rugs in an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans have become increasingly popular in the last few years, and have brought about new and innovative ways to design the home. However, open plans demand definition as they are a lot more versatile and spacious. Experimenting with multiple area rugs offer the best solution for this. They can add the much-needed definition and anchor all the surrounding decor together.

Coordinating with multiple area rugs in an open plan can sometimes be a confusing process, as there are many different ways of combining your rugs to create the best-looking interior. We have come up with 6 different ways you can combine area rugs in an open floor plan. However, remember that each space is different and what may work for one room may not work for the other. But they can at least serve as an inspiration!

We come in all shapes…

Playing around with different shapes is one of the best ways to find THAT look in your home. We found that round and oval rugs fit well on top of traditional rectangle rugs, as they highlight a central area of the interior. They work exceptionally well when placed below a round coffee or dining table.

Perhaps if you’re feeling quite bold, a splash or drop-shaped rug can work. Sometimes the odd approach works best, where a large custom shaped rug envelopes all the furniture and gives a wholesome feel to your space.

Another popular shape for open plans is a runner rug. Setting multiple matching runners around and between the decor provides a road to the seating area for guests to follow.

...and sizes

When it comes to open plans, sizes are one of the biggest factors to consider. Either you set multiple smaller rugs together, or one large piece that grounds the rest of the decor together. Or you can have the best of both worlds; mix different sizes. Perhaps you may want to highlight a certain space for the dining area with a larger rug or the relaxing area with a smaller rug. Either way works.

Layer upon layer

A religiously practised method used by interior designers for years, layering rugs on top of one another is a great way to create depth and character to your open floor plan. Layering a patterned area rug over a solid coloured rug captures the glances of your guests and is a great way to mix things up.

Pattern it up

Combining different patterns when it comes to having multiple rugs is not an easy task. We have found that keeping one rug as the main visual and the surrounding rugs as complimentary tends to work best, to create the perfect balanced space.

Another setup that works is by having similar patterns from the same collection design, perhaps a couple of geometric patterns or maybe a selection of runners from our vintage collection. This creates a uniform structured approach to the open plan.

You can even mix and match with completely different designs from various collections but keep the colour the same. Again, this tends to work best when the colour theme is already matching the surrounding decor.

Mix and Match

When selecting different rugs, you can mix it up by choosing different weaves. And in an open plan, this works perfectly. For example, a round flatweave rug for the dining area which is easy-to-clean and durable, and a soft woolen hand-tufted rug for the seating area for that comfort factor.

General stuff

Here are some generic tips and tricks to ensure you keep your open plan b-e-a-utiful as ever:

1) Keep your colors consistent. Too many colors gives off a confused look to the open plan.
2) Keep one rug as the focal point and the others as complimentary.
3) If doubling up is the plan, try using identical sizes and designs.
4) Be sure to account for the surrounding decor when choosing a design.
5) Ensure the rugs are placed in a suitable location, and not far away from the surrounding decor, especially in open plan.

That about sums it up! All the tips and tricks to choose the best setting for your rugs in an open floor plan. Remember, ultimately your creative approach is your own, and all these tips may work for you, or they may give you a certain idea. At the end of the day, each open plan is unique and should be treated as such. A rug is an extension of your creative personality, hence there is no ‘correct’ way of combining area rugs in your open plan. Whatever works for you is correct.