How To Design Your Custom Rug In The Middle East

You may not know it, but every room has a blank canvas associated with it in the shape of your floor. It’s the carpet, the flooring and the clean space that you see every day which could be transformed with a beautiful addition inspired by you. At Rug Artisan we want to give you the freedom to create something extra special with a custom rug handmade to your every requirement.

Our passion lies in designing custom rugs in Middle East that allow you to dream up anything you want and see it transformed into reality. To ensure that you get the best out of our exceptional service at Rug Artisan, we make sure that we use only the finest materials which are handled by our highly-skilled staff.

How can I design a custom rug in Middle East for my home?

Step 1: Send us a detailed description of everything you’ve been dreaming of using the contact form for our bespoke service. Give us pictures and recommendations on the design. This will allow our design team to create the best representation of your imagination.

Step 2: Our team will bring together these ideas and ensure that it ticks all of your boxes. This is an approval process, so you can still make changes to your design.

Step 3: Once approved, our highly-skilled experts at Rug Artisan will weave your custom rug designed in Middle East and have it delivered to your door.

Discover more about our custom rugs by getting in contact with us.